Upper Darby Charter School for the Arts


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I am a resident of UPPER DARBY, PA and support the creation of the Upper Darby Charter School for the Arts (UDCSA) serving students in grades Kindergarten through Eight in Upper Darby. I support UDCSA because it will provide another educational option for the families and taxpayers of the city of Upper Darby. UDCSA is scheduled to open in September, 2019.

I support the mission statement of UDCSA because: Upper Darby Charter School for the Arts will be a K-8 school with a rigorous academic curriculum emphasizing the ARTS as well as that in English, mathematics, technology, and science. It will open as a K through 4th th grade school and continue to expand until it is a full K-8 program. UDCSA will set high standards of achievement for all students, coupled with the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills. UDCSA will stress personal growth and social awareness which will enable all students to successfully advance to the next educational level.

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